All students take core classes: English/Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Each student also has scheduled class periods where a variety of electives are available to explore art, digital design, music (band, orchestra, choir, and music), physical education, pre-engineering, robotics, Spanish, theater, video game design, and more. Specific course offerings vary by year. Certain electives may be required based on a student's grade level – for example, all sixth graders take Computer Applications once during that year – or academic needs.

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We have published descriptions of electives classes. All courses are a single trimester unless otherwise noted. In most cases, students may take the same course more than one time per school year.


Math Placement

An invitation to test for accelerated math is based on a body of evidence that includes 4th and 5th grade CMAS scores (proficient or higher), Winter and Spring MAP scores (80th percentile or higher), and teacher recommendation, which must also have data to support accelerated math.

The placement test includes 5th and 6th grade concepts. If students demonstrate high mastery of 5th grade concepts, they may take Math 6/7. If students demonstrate high mastery of 5th and 6th grade concepts, they may take Math 7/8.

Students who have an “A” in 6th grade math and score in the 80th percentile on MAP may have the opportunity to advance to Math 7/8 in 7th grade.

Students do not need to have an Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) to take accelerated math. In addition, an ALP does not guarantee accelerated math placement.

Advanced math classes are rigorous and require students not only to have excellent work habits, but also demonstrate fluency of elementary math standards, strong conceptual understandings, and ability to quantitatively reason.

Grade level math with no acceleration will have students on track to take Pre-Calculus or Calculus their senior year in high school.

West Jefferson Middle School Math Pathways
6th grade 7th grade 8th grade 9th grade 10th grade 11th grade 12th grade
Traditional Math 6 Math 7 Math 8 Algebra Geometry Algebra 2 Pre-Calc and Trig
One-Year Accelerated Math 6/7 Math 8 Algebra Geometry Algebra 2 Pre-Calc and Trig AP Stats or AP Calc
One-Year Accelerated Math 6 Math 7/8 Algebra Geometry Algebra 2 Pre-Calc and Trig AP Stats or AP Calc
Two-Year Accelerated Math 7/8 Algebra Geometry Algebra 2 Pre-Calc and Trig AP Calc AB AP Calc BC or AP Stats


(download the West Jefferson Middle School Math Pathways in PDF format)



(Please see our PBL and STEAM page for a more in-depth discussion on these topics.) 

We continue to implement STEAM through problem-based learning . Our current focus is on increasing student inquiry and building student skills in the Jeffco Generations competencies.

Why are we implementing these methods at our school?

  • Rigor and content levels will increase through application of content standards.

  • Focus on the application of students' learning to local and global issues.

  • Their ability to work successfully in this collaborative problem-solving environment develops skills to be competitive in the 21st century workforce. 

This is not a change in curriculum as the content covered in classes will remain aligned with district and state standards; the approach to content will change. Students will continue to have four core classes and two elective classes. All core subject teachers will plan for problem-based learning in their classrooms at least once each trimester.



Since curriculum evolves every year and textbooks are extremely expensive and cannot be changed every year, we do not have textbooks in most classes. Some textbooks are used as occasional resource material but cannot be used as an everyday resource. Our teachers use a combination of online resources, books and materials that support a current unit, and our district online curriculum. To see the Year At a Glance curriculum for your student, please go to one of the grade-level links further up this page.

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