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Name Department/Grade Level E-mail Voicemail
Kim Halingstad Principal 303-982-3042
Tricia Samuelson Assistant Principal 303-982-1134
JP Squires Dean of Students 303-982-8381
Julie Barrett Business Manager 303-982-3796

Main Office Staff

Name Department/Grade Level E-mail Voicemail
Debbie Jessee Financial Secretary/Registrar 303-982-5258
Kim Sollner Health Room Aide N/A


Counseling and Mental Health

Name Department/Grade Level E-mail Voicemail
Craig Enlund Counselor
8th grade M-Z, 7th grade 303-982-3062
Dan Keane Counselor
8th grade A-L, 6th grade 303-982-4312
Jen Baker Social Emotional
 Learning Specialist 303-982-9219
Dr. Britni Dawson-Giles School Social Worker 303-982-3232


English/Language Arts

Name Department/Grade Level E-mail Voicemail
Devon Barhoover
(on leave 2020-21)
6th Grade Language Arts 303-982-6127
Marianne Bitterly 7th Grade Language Arts 303-982-3060
Ali Hannawacker 6th Grade Language Arts 303-982-2956
Suzy Lauer 6th Grade Language Arts 303-982-2870
Jen Nickerson 7th Grade Language Arts 303-982-2602
Frank Reetz 8th Grade Language Arts 303-982-4009
Emily Wiechec 7th & 8th Grade
 Language Arts 303-982-8984



Name Department/Grade Level E-mail Voicemail
Misty Bradley 7th & 8th Grade Math 303-982-3088
Hillary D'Amico 7th Grade Math 303-982-4795
Jen Hodges 7th & 8th Grade Math 303-982-8397
Sam Sherman 6th Grade Math 303-982-3113
Dawn Wheeler 6th Grade Math 303-982-4126



Name Department/Grade Level E-mail Voicemail
Alex Buffington 6th Grade Science 303-982-3015
Kathy Fuchigami 8th Grade Science 303-982-3016
Justin Little 7th & 8th Grade Science 303-982-3041
Ian Malcolm 7th Grade Science 303-982-6310
Dawn Wheeler 6th Grade Science 303-982-4126


Social Studies

Name Department/Grade Level E-mail Voicemail
Joe Cushing 8th Grade Social Studies 303-982-3011
Amanda Escheman 7th Grade Social Studies 303-982-3059
Michael Fisher 7th & 8th Grade Social Studies 303-982-3047
Suzy Lauer 6th Grade Social Studies 303-982-2870
Becky Myers
6th Grade Social Studies
Jen Nickerson 7th Grade Social Studies



Name Department/Grade Level E-mail Voicemail
Susan Bergkamp World Language and
 Cultures, Spanish 1 303-982-4277
Marianne Bitterly Literature in Film 303-982-3060
Sarah Dignan Art 303-982-2983
Molly Kavanaugh
(on leave 2020-21)
Composition, Yearbook 303-982-3065
Becky Myers ALP Elective
Jessica Popejoy Physical Education 303-982-9664
Kris Sage Choir, Drama,
 Tech Theatre 303-982-3117
Laura Sarché Band, Orchestra 303-982-3026
David Williams Intro to STEM,
Pre-Engineering, Robotics 303-982-3046
Jason Wooldridge Computer Applications,
  Computer Graphics,
  Digital Design,
  Video Game Design 303-982-2150


Instructional Support and Intervention Services

Name Department/Grade Level E-mail Voicemail
Allison Barker Academic Intervention 303-982-3081
Tammy Boyd Area Nurse
 (serves ECES, WJES, WJMS) 303-982-3140
Renee Campbell Occupational Therapist
 (on-site Mondays) 303-982-9290
Marla Caviness-French GT Resource Teacher 303-982-0302
Tracy Ferguson GT Counselor
 (on-site one day/week) 303-982-2786
Kelly Grall Speech/Language
 Pathologist 303-982-4498
McKenna Henderson SSN/Challenge 303-982-3033
Shani Johanneck Academic Intervention 303-982-3104
Nicole Lopez Academic Intervention 303-982-0704
Caity Mergendahl Pitt Instructional Coach 303-982-8033
Danae Smith Speech/Language
 Pathologist 303-982-5191
Deputy Webber School Resource Officer N/A



Name Department/Grade Level E-mail Voicemail
Amy Baker Digital Teacher-Librarian 303-982-6427
Kathy Lavender ECTS Support Technician 303-982-3788


Educational Support Professionals

Name Department/Grade Level E-mail Voicemail
Rebecca Castor Notetaker (Deaf & DHH) N/A
Joan Giroue Paraeducator N/A
Joseph Gumina Independence Support Paraeducator N/A
Nancy Hanley Paraeducator N/A
Brenda Hobgood ESL Tutor 303-982-5165
Sydney Levesque-Etling Custodian N/A
Pam Little Paraprofessional N/A
Riley Merino Paraprofessional -
 Instrumental Music N/A
Lori Munter Paraprofessional N/A
Steve O'Shea Night Head Custodian N/A
Susan Roy Kitchen Manager 303-982-3049
Rhonda Sims Paraeducator N/A
Nate Storkson Facility Manager 303-982-XXXX
Chuck Suominen Custodian N/A
TBA Paraprofessional - Art N/A
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