The West Jeff Middle Library is home to a few aquatic creatures. We currently have one jellyfish, a community fish tank, and two red-eared slider turtles. Stop by to say hi and check out a book!



The year before Mrs. Baker became our digital teacher-librarian, her Advise class organized a fundraiser to purchase a jellyfish tank. We keep one to three moon jellyfish in the tank (they have fairly short lifespans in captivity) and feed them a mix of de-encapsulated brine shrimp eggs and liquid invertebrate nutrients. Our tank, live jellyfish, and the food are from Jellyfish Art.


At the start of the 2016-17 school year, a 50-gallon fish tank was moved from a classroom to the library. A student with an interest in marine biology arranged with the library to set their annual ALP goal as caring for several freshwater crayfish during the school year. For the 2017-18 school year, the tank transitioned to a community fish tank with sunburst wagtail platys, transparent zebrafish, and a plecostomous. Students voted on the next addition, a group of neon tetras, and are currently voting on the next decoration for the tank.



A community member donated an 18-year-old female red-eared slider to the library in September 2016. Students suggested names and then voted on them; Pistachio had 40.2% of the votes with Tortuga in second place with 27.8% of the votes with 558 votes total. We improved her habitat by acquiring a larger 90-gallon tank, a canister filter, an LED light bar with daytime and nighttime light settings, a dual-bulb fixture with heat/UVA and UVB bulbs for the basking area, and a wave generator to provide current in the tank's water. A smaller approximately 7-year-old red-eared slider that had been up for adoption at a pet store for several weeks joined the tank in November 2016 and was promptly named Peanut.

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