Seventh Grade

Major curriculum units for seventh grade.

English/Language Arts

Examining the Influence of Setting on Character Development

Narrative: Realistic Fiction and/or Fantasy

Distinguishing Differing Points of View and Perspectives

Argumentative: Consumer Product Review and/or Researched-Based Essay

Constructing Interpretations: Analyzing Genre and Its Structures

Informational: Feature Article, Information Book, Documentary Transcript

Reading for Problem-Based Inquiry and Research Design

Arguments of Problem-Based Inquiry and Research Design


Math 7

Reasoning with Rational Number Operations

Modeling with Expressions, Equations and Inequalities

Modeling Proportional Relationships

2D and 3D Geometry

Probability and Statistics

Problem Solving


Math 7/8

Real Numbers and Rational Number Operations

Reasoning with Expressions, Equations and Inequalities

Proportionality and Linear Relationships


Geometry - 2D and 3D

Statistics and Probability

Transformations, Congruence and Similarity

Exponents and Operations with Scientific Notation


Math 8

Reasoning with Equations

Transformations, Congruence, and Similarity

Exponents and Operations with Scientific Notation

Using Rational and Irrational Numbers

Graphing and Writing Linear Equations

Modeling Functions

Bivariate Statistics

Math Practices: Modeling


Math - Algebra 1

Reasoning with Equations and Inequalities

Modeling with Linear Functions

Introduction to Exponential Functions

Quadratic Functions and Polynomial Operations

Descriptive Statistics

Analyzing Functions

Algebraic Reasoning with Geometric Concepts



Mixtures and Substances
(practical applications for separation of mixtures and substances in industry, the human body, and everyday life; linear and nonlinear relationships)

Cells to Organisms
(structure and function, different types of cells, and the organization of the human body systems)

Energy Transformations in Living Things
(photosynthesis and cellular respiration)

Adaptations of Life Over Time
(genotypes and phenotypes, genetic variation, natural selection, extinction, differential survival)

Geologic Events Through Time
(the fossil record, geologic time, mass extinction events, evolution)

Plates Aren't Just for Food
(tectonic plate boundaries and movement)

Health and Decision Making
(human reproduction, alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, healthy relationships, and using a decision-making model to make informed choices about one's health)


World Area Studies: Eastern Hemisphere

Legacies of Early Civilizations

Civic Relationships in a Global Community

Resources, Trade, and Profit

The Interdependent Community of the Eastern Hemisphere

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