Box Tops for Education

West Jeff Middle participates in Box Tops for Education, a national fundraising program for schools serving students in kindergarten through eighth grade.

What is a Box Top?

Sample Box Tops for EducationA single Box Tops Clip, illustrated at right, is worth 10 cents when redeemed by the school. These are found on the packaging of hundreds of participating products. Bonus Box Tops Certificates, which are a physical certificate printed or stickered on the package purchased in a store during a special offer, are worth their marked value. Both of these Box Tops types may be submitted to the school for submission at the fall and spring submission dates, as well as a smaller submission at the end of the year done to catch any Box Tops with expiration dates before the fall submission date.

Bonus Box Tops Offers are credits earned or awarded to the school through families' participation in various promotional offers, opportunities or programs such as the Box Tops for Education Bonus App, online sweepstakes, website or email registration, receipt scanning or making applicable purchases in participating retailer shopping card loyalty programs.

How do we turn in Box Tops?

Students may bring their Box Tops in to their Advise teacher. There are also collection containers in the school lobby and at the library circulation desk. It is encouraged to put Box Top submissions in a bag or envelope labeled with the student's Advise teacher, but we welcome all submissions.

We track Box Top submissions that come in labeled by Advise class; the class with the most collected can earn activity supplies for a class party at the end of the school year.

Current Box Top collection standings

Last updated 16 Apr 2018


(Link: Box Tops collected by Advise, 2017-2018 chart)

How much have we made in past years?

  • 2016-2017: $469.00

  • 2015-2016: $1,078.00

  • 2014-2015: $1,455.40 ($320 of this rolled over from May 2014)

  • 2013-2014: $793.80
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