2020-2021 Remote and Hybrid Schedules

2020-2021 Remote and Hybrid Schedules
Posted on 07/31/2020
Remote and Hybrid Schedules

The following letter was sent to families via SchoolMessenger on Friday, July 31. The content has been formatted for the web.

Hello WJMS Families,

It was a beautiful day outside and it was wonderful to see some student faces today when cars drove through our yearbook pick up today. It just reminded me of how much I miss seeing our students’ faces. If you still need to pick up your yearbook, please contact Debbie Jessee at

I know that families are wondering what school will look like in August and while we don’t have the entire house built yet, we have poured a foundation. Following this letter are the schedules for Remote Learning for the first two weeks of school and our Hybrid Model which is slated to start on Tuesday, September 8th. I have included some explanation of each schedule to help you process this information.

This communication only includes our planned schedules for WJMS. I know there is so much more information you will need and our plan is to send those pieces in separate communications as they are finalized. This is a description of our "foundation". Please continue to check your email for plans on health and safety guidelines, student orientations, calendar dates and more.

My hope is that understanding these schedules will help families that have not made a choice about the in-person and remote learning options can now make a decision. All Jeffco families will be receiving another survey on Monday in which they will need to finalize their choice for their child’s educational environment this year. This is critical information as schools cannot plan instruction for our actual students when we don’t have final numbers of in-person and online learners. If understanding of our school day has you changing your mind either way, that is fine. Please make that selection in your survey.

Once again, I want all families to know how much we appreciate your patience and understanding. There are days this feels like an insurmountable task but we will continue to be guided by the belief that our students deserve the best we can provide in these circumstances. We are lucky to be part of this community.

Kim Halingstad
West Jefferson Middle School


Table of Contents:


Online Learning

Both of these schedules, Remote and Hybrid, will include components of online learning. Students who are 100% remote and students who are alternating in-person and remote in the hybrid model will be expected to follow the schedule, participate in each class period, and engage in some synchronous (real time) instruction. This does not mean that you will be in various Zoom or Google meetings for 7 hours a day, but there is an expectation of class and peer interaction everyday. We will be sharing more about the online learning expectations next week.

The WJMS Remote Schedule is for all students – remote and hybrid/in-person – during the first two weeks of school. Students will attend periods 1-3 on Monday and Wednesdays (Blue Days) and periods 4-6 on Tuesdays and Thursdays (Silver Days). This will allow students and teachers to focus on fewer classes on each day. We call this a block schedule and it is what is used at Conifer High School.

On Fridays, all students will check in all six of their classes but they are shorter and start later. Please read the Remote Learning - Friday information at the end of this document for more details.

The Homeroom period at the end of the day is also required. This will be a time for connecting with students, building relationships, social-emotional learning, learning to navigate the online classroom, and a time for academic support and extension.

This is the schedule we will follow should we need to return to an all-remote learning environment at any time this year due to health and safety guidelines.

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WJMS Remote Schedule (starting August 24, 2020)

[The remote schedule will not appear here while we are following a hybrid learning schedule.]


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Hybrid Learning

The WJMS Hybrid Schedule is the model that will be used by both in-person and remote students starting on Tuesday, September 8th.

In-person students will be assigned to either Group A or Group B and will alternate days between in-person and remote learning. We will be separating these groups by alphabet and overall numbers. Families will be kept together and we will be working with Conifer High School to ensure siblings are on the same rotation. At this time we do not know who is in which group. That information should be available by the end of August.

On Mondays and Tuesdays, all students will attend periods 1-3. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, all students will attend periods 4-6. On Fridays, all students will attend all six classes online.

If a student is in-person on a given day, they will be in the classroom. If a student is remote (either the alternating Group or 100% remote) they will be online and part of that class period will be synchronous. For example, remote students may connect via Zoom or Google for a 15 minute focus lesson or class discussion, then leave the virtual classroom to continue their learning task on their own at home.

Every day and every period there will be an expectation that all students engage and interact with the teacher and their peers but it could look differently on different days.

The Homeroom period at the end of the day will only be attended by the students who are in-person that day.


Why only 3 periods a day?

We need to minimize contact groups for the students who are in the building. We also heard from families and students that it was difficult to work on all six online classes in one day.

We believe the block schedule provides a longer, more consistent instructional period and can help prepare students for high school and college where most classes follow a block schedule.

Why are students attending periods 1-3 for two days and then 4-6 two days?

There are two reasons for this:

  1. We believe it is best for our students to alternate days in the hybrid model.

If we had Group A in-person for two days and then Group B in-person for two days, we would not see each group for five days in between. We learned from the spring that many middle school students disengage or struggle with learning tasks when left to their own devices for an extended period of time. The social-emotional well-being of our students is paramount and we want to engage with them in person as much as possible.

  1. If we are alternating Groups, then we must have the same periods for two days in a row.

If your student had math class period 5 and they were in Group A, they would never see their math teacher in-person, so we have to alternate Groups and keep class periods on two-day rotations.

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WJMS Hybrid Schedule (expected to start September 8, 2020)

WJMS Hybrid Schedule:
(Blue A)
(Blue B)
(Silver A)
(Silver B)
P1 7:30 - 9:10 P1 7:30 - 9:10 P4 7:30 - 9:10 P4 7:30 - 9:10  
P2 9:15 - 10:55 P2 9:15 - 10:55 P5 9:15 - 10:55 P5 9:15 - 10:55 P1 9:30 - 10:10
P3 11:00 - 1:15 P3 11:00 - 1:15 P6 11:00 - 1:15 P6 11:00 - 1:15 P2 10:10 - 10:50
LUNCH* LUNCH* LUNCH* LUNCH* P3 10:50 - 11:30
1:20 - 2:20
For in person
students only
1:20 - 2:20
For in person
students only
1:20 - 2:20
For in person
students only
1:20 - 2:20
For in person
students only
Break 11:30 - 11:45
P4 11:45 - 12:25
P5 12:25 - 1:05
P6 1:05 - 1:45

★ Lunch A 11:00 - 11:30; Class 11:35 - 1:15
★ Lunch B Class 11:00 - 11:55; Lunch 12:00 - 12:30; Class 12:30 - 1:15
★ Lunch C Class 11:00 - 12:40; Lunch 12:45 - 1:15

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Remote Learning Day - Friday

The purpose of this day is to offer more individualized support and extended learning for students. Students will be required to login all of their Google Classrooms on Friday and there will be an assignment, learning task, or learning check for them to submit.

The scheduled times for each class period may be used in different ways and that will be communicated to the students by the teacher. For example:

  • A virtual class discussion summarizing learning from the week.
  • Assigned small group instruction.
  • Individualized support for students or individualized extension of learning.
  • Feedback conferences with the teacher.
  • Assigned intervention time for students who are not meeting standard, missing assignments, or not participating in class.

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We know all this information may be a lot to process or even just overwhelming. Please take time to read it through and reach out with general questions. Thank you for being partners in this Restart Plan.

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